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Made in USA

ToughForm Plastic Concrete Forms
Toughforms are a simple, cost effective, reusable alternative to the current concrete and cement forming materials available today. With emphasis on reducing labor and material costs, Toughforms will replace the need to use 2 x 4’s, 2 x 6’s, plywood, steel, metal and all other expensive or throw away materials to form concrete. Toughforms are plastic concrete forms designed for both straight and radius applications and are built tough and built to last!

Toughforms come in a standard 4’ lengths, but can be cut to 1’, 2’, or 3’ increments as needed, as well as be snapped together to accommodate any length of concrete forming. In addition to creating different lengths, Toughforms can be converted to create both straight and radius sections simply by unsnapping the forms. Toughforms can be assembled to the form straight to straight, straight to radius and back to straight forms without difficulty. There are also right and left angles for inside or outside forming applications making transitioning from straight or radial forming into sharp angles. All pieces are easily snapped together and interchangeable. Toughforms feature pin holes every 12” to accommodate all standard stakes for support and can easily be leveled to accomplish any job. Toughforms can also be stacked and staked to support any height of concrete form, perfect for any job and any application.

Toughforms are easy to use, easy to clean and easy to store. Toughforms are lightweight, durable, reusable and will save you endless time and money. Toughforms will simplify even the most complex concrete forming jobs, cutting down both your labor and material costs while maximizing your efficiency.

Toughforms… one product, unlimited applications, uses and configurations


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