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Q: How many uses can I expect from using Toughforms plastic concrete forms?
A: Our field studies have shown Toughforms can last up to 30 uses or more depending on proper usage.

Q: How do I save money with Toughforms?
A: Toughforms last longer than wood and are less expensive than metal. They are also so safe and simple to use that once you get the hang of forming your concrete applications with Toughforms, you will cut your labor time immensely and provide a much safer job site. Also there is no need for expensive release agents, Toughforms can be released and cleaned with just water.

Q: I want to save time and money…where can I buy Toughforms?
A: Click here for a list of distributors of Toughforms

Q: Do I need a release agent or special cleaner for Toughforms?
A: No, all you need is a hose and some water and you will be able to clean and maintain your Toughforms!

Q: Is it hard to construct a layout using Toughforms?
A: No, as with anything new, there is a slight adjustment to ‘breaking old habits’, but we are confident within a couple times of using Toughforms, that you will never want to drag heavy wood or metal forms around again!

Q: Are Toughforms really tough?
A: YES! Not only are they built tough, but they are engineered to withstand more pressure than both wood or concrete forms, so no matter what your need is, Toughforms can take on any project!


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